Sailing is a hobby for many people. It’s a wonderful experience sailing down the waters and feeling the speed and tranquil environment. Most of the major sports competitions today have sailed as a sports category. People all over the world love watching it. Here is a list of books we recommend for those interested to learn about sailing.

Yacht Clubs Of The World

By – Bruno Cianci, Nicolo Reggio

This book contains a survey of the most prestigious yacht clubs in the world. The yacht clubs represent a fine combination of sportsmanship and elegant living. Here you will know about twenty yacht clubs there history and tradition. You will learn about the famous sailor who is part of these clubs. The clubs play a social role too, and you will know about it.

The yachts and yachtsmen of America.

By – Mott, Henry A.

In this book, you will learn about the history of yachting and yacht clubs. You will know about various types of yachts, biographies of the members of different yacht clubs in America, and more.

Land on My Right

By – Ron Pattenden

This book tells the story of the first solo sail around Britain by the author. He travelled on a Laser dinghy in summer. 2004. You will learn about this experience and its challenges.

Red Sky in Mourning

By – Tami Oldham Ashcraft

This is a story of sailing into the storm. Here the author is faced with the tragic incident of losing a partner and not finding land after a terrible strong. Here you will know about endurance e physical and mental strength, which are essential for surviving the most challenging situation in life.

The Long Way

By – Bernard Moitessier

It is the story of the author’s participation in the Golden Globe Race. It is a solo race rounding the Capes of Good Hope, Leeuwin, and the Horn. He cruised for seven months and had to face storms and other obstacles. You will know about his experience in this book.

These books are very inspiring and will motivate you to sail. If you have a fear of sailing, then you will feel more confident going on cruises after reading these books.